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secondordinal number, determiner

uk /ˈsek.ənd/ us /ˈsek.ənd/

A1 immediately after the first and before any others

Is Carla her first or second child? 布萊恩是她的第一個還是第二個孩子?
This is the second time I've had flu this winter. 這是今年冬天以來我的第二場感冒。
Today is the second (of March).

A1 the position in which a person finishes a race or competition if they finish immediately behind the winner

First prize is two weeks in Barbados and second prize is a weekend in Rome. 頭獎是巴巴多斯雙環遊,二獎是羅馬週末遊。
Jones took second place in the long jump. 鍾斯在跳遠比賽中得了第二名。

B1 Second is used to show that only one thing is better, bigger, etc. than the thing mentioned

St Petersburg is Russia's second (biggest/largest) city. 聖彼得堡是俄羅斯第二大城市。
Iraq's oil reserves are second only to Saudi Arabia's. 伊拉克的石油儲量僅次於沙烏地阿拉伯。

B1 another

另一(的); 又一(的)
She is often described as a second Marilyn Monroe. 她常常被人們稱爲瑪麗蓮‧夢露第二。
You really should make the most of the opportunity, because you won't get a second chance. 你真的應該好好珍惜這個機會,因爲你不會再有這樣的機會了。
Richard and Liz have a second home in the mountains. 理查和利茲在法國還有一個家。
Pay attention to what she's saying because she won't explain it a second time. 注意聽她講,因爲她不會講第二遍。

happening only once out of every two possible times

We've decided to hold the conference every second year. 我們已經決定每兩年舉行一次會議。

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uk /ˈsek.ənd/ us /ˈsek.ənd/

B1 after the first and before any others

Robertson won the race and Cameron was/came/finished second. 羅伯遜得了賽跑冠軍,卡梅倫得了第二名。
In this business, money comes first and principles come a very poor second (= they are much less important). 在這個行業,錢是第一位的,而原則遠遠不及金錢。

B2 also secondly used to introduce the second thing in a list of things you want to say or write

There are two good reasons why we can't do it. First, we can't afford it, and second, we don't have time. 有兩個很好的原因可以解釋我們爲甚麽不能這樣做:第一,我們沒有錢;其次,我們沒有時間。


uk /ˈsek.ənd/ us /ˈsek.ənd/

second noun (TIME)

A2 [ C ] abbreviation sec., s a short unit of time that is equal to a 60th of a minute

There are 60 seconds in a minute. 1分鐘有60秒。
These computers process millions of instructions per second. 這些電腦每秒鐘處理幾百萬個指令。
The new system can trace a phone call in a fraction of a second. 新系統可以極快地查出來電號碼。

B1 [ C ] a very short period of time

"Come on, hurry up!" "I'll just/only be a second - I need to close the window." 「快,跟上!」「等一下,我得把鎖後門。」
Do you have a second, Paul? I need to talk to you. 你能抽出點時間嗎,保羅?我想和你說句話。
It won't take a second (= it will be very quick). 花不了多少時間。
Wait a couple of/a few seconds before trying again. 等一會兒再試。

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second noun (POSITION)

[ S ] the second person or thing to do or be something, or the second person or thing mentioned

This is the second of the four tests. 這是四場測驗中的第二場。
seconds [ plural ] informal

an extra amount of food that is given after the first amount has been eaten

Would anyone like seconds of ice cream? 有人想再來一份霜淇淋嗎?

second noun (MEASUREMENT)

[ C ] specialized mathematics the smallest unit used for measuring an angle

There are 3,600 seconds in a degree. 1度有3600秒。

second noun (DAMAGED PRODUCT)

C2 [ C ] a product that is sold cheaply because it is damaged or not in perfect condition


second noun (HELPER)

[ C ] a person who takes care of someone who is fighting in a boxing competition or, in the past, in a duel (= organized fight)


second noun (GEAR)

[ U ] also second gear in a vehicle, the gear that combines power with limited speed and is used when increasing or reducing speed

You'll have to change (down/up) into second. 你得換二擋。

second noun (QUALIFICATION)

[ C ] UK also second-class degree an undergraduate degree from a university in the UK and some other countries that is a good degree but not the best possible


secondverb [ T ]

uk /ˈsek.ənd/ us /ˈsek.ənd/

to make a formal statement of support for a suggestion made by someone else during a meeting so that there can be a discussion or vote

The motion was proposed by the club's chairwoman and seconded by the secretary. 該動議由俱樂部女主席提出,由幹事附議。
"I could use a drink." "I'll second that (= I agree with you)!" 「我想喝杯飲料。」「我贊成!」

secondverb [ T ]

uk /sɪˈkɒnd/ us /səˈkɑːnd/ UK

to send an employee to work somewhere else temporarily, either to increase the number of workers or to replace other workers, or to exchange experience or skills

During the dispute, many police officers were seconded from traffic duty to the prison service. 在爭端期間,很多員警從交管部門被抽調出來,派去監獄。

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