Translation of "second thought" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary

second thoughtnoun [ C ]

uk /ˌsek.ənd ˈθɔːt/ us /ˌsek.ənd ˈθɑːt/
without a second thought

If you do something without a second thought, you do it without first considering if you should do it or not.

She'll spend a hundred dollars on a dress without a second thought. 她會毫不猶豫地花100英鎊買一條裙子。
have second thoughts

to change your opinion about something or start to doubt it

You're not having second thoughts about getting married, are you? 結婚的事你沒改變主意吧?
on second thoughts UK US on second thought

used when you want to change a decision you have made

Can I have a cup of coffee, please? - actually, on second thoughts, I'll have a beer. 請來杯咖啡——說實話,我改主意了,來杯啤酒好了。

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