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uk /siː/ us /siː/ present participle seeing, past tense saw, past participle seen

see verb (USE EYES)

A1 [ I or T ] to be conscious of what is around you by using your eyes

Turn the light on so I can see. 打開燈,這樣我才看得到。
I can see you! 「我看得到你!」
[ + (that) ] The teacher could see (that) the children had been fighting. 老師可以看出,孩子們打過架。
[ + infinitive without to ] Jacqui saw the car drive up outside the police station. 雅基看見那輛汽車開到了警察局門口。
[ + -ing verb ] From the window we could see the children playing in the yard. 從窗戶看去,我們可以看見孩子們在院子裡玩耍。
[ + past participle ] His parents saw him awarded the winner's medal. 他父母觀看了他獲頒勝利獎牌。
See (= look at) p. 23 for prices and flight details. 票價與航班的具體詳情請見第23頁。
UK See over (= look at the next page) for further information. 更多資訊見下一頁。

A2 [ T ] to watch a film, television programme, etc.

Did you see that documentary on Channel 4 last night? 你昨天晚上看第四頻道的紀錄片了嗎?

C1 [ T often passive ] to be the time or place when something happens

This summer has seen the end of water restrictions in the area thanks to a new reservoir. 由於有了新水庫,今年夏天該地區取消了用水限制。
you ain't seen nothing yet humorous

said to mean that more surprising or exciting things are likely to happen


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see verb (UNDERSTAND)

B1 [ T ] to understand, know, or realize

[ + (that) ] I see (that) the club is organizing a theatre trip next month. 我知道下個月聯誼俱樂部正在籌劃去看一次戲。
[ + question word ] He can't see what difference it makes to come (= he doesn't think it is important if he comes) on Thursday instead of Friday. 他認爲就算星期五不來星期四來也可以。
They didn't see the need/any need (= understand that it was important) to notify their members of the changes in writing. 他們認爲沒有必要書面通知其成員相關變化。
They refused to help because they're too busy, but he seems to see more in it than that. 他們拒絕幫忙的理由就是太忙,但他似乎覺得其中另有隱情。
"I'm tired." "So I see - you've been yawning all afternoon." 「我累了。」「我知道―─你整個下午都在打哈欠」
I was surprised that they couldn't see my point of view. 我很訝異他們無法理解我的觀點。
The government didn't want to be seen to be making concessions to terrorists. 政府不想讓人覺得他們在向恐怖分子妥協。
After she read his book she started to see the issue in another/a different/a new light (= differently). 她讀完他的書之後,開始以另一種/不同的/新的角度看待這個問題。

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see verb (MEET)

A1 [ I or T ] to meet or visit someone, or to visit a place

We're seeing friends this weekend. 我們週末要去拜訪朋友。
I haven't seen Jerry around (= in the places I usually meet him) in the last few weeks. 這幾個星期我都沒有看到傑裡。
No one has seen much of Daryl since he got married. 自從達裡爾結婚以後,大家就不常見到他了。
They see a lot of each other (= are often together). 他們週末經常見面。
My mother is seeing the doctor again next week. 我媽媽下周又要去看病。
The children wanted to see the circus. 孩子們想看馬戲表演。
The agent said they could see the house (UK also see round the house) at 3 p.m. 經紀人說他們下午三點可以看房子。

[ T ] to have a romantic relationship with someone

How long has she been seeing him? 她和他交往有多久了?

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see verb (CONSIDER)

B2 [ T ] to consider or think about, especially to think about someone or something in a particular way, or to imagine someone doing a particular activity

She didn't see herself as brave. 她不認爲自己很勇敢。
It was easy to see the gift as a kind of bribe. 這份禮物很容易被當成是一種賄賂。
[ + obj + -ing verb ] I can't see her accepting (= I don't think she will accept) the job in the present circumstances. 我認爲在目前情況下她不會接受那份工作。
As I see it/things/the situation, we'll have to get extra help. 在我看來,我們得找更多的人幫忙。
Try and see it my way - I'll be left without any help if you go. 設想一下我的處境——如果你明天去愛丁堡,我就孤立無援了。

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see verb (GO WITH)

[ T usually + adv/prep ] to take someone somewhere by going there with them

He saw his visitors to the door. 他把客人送到門口。
Her friends saw her home. 她的朋友們送她回到家。
The security guard saw the protesters off the premises. 保全人員將抗議者趕出了工廠。

see verb (TRY TO DISCOVER)

B2 [ I + question word ] to try to discover

Will you see if you can get anyone to help? 你看能否找一個人幫忙?
I'll see what I can do. 我看看我可以做點甚麽。

see verb (MAKE CERTAIN)

C2 [ + (that) ] to make certain that something happens

The receptionist said he'd see (that) she got the message. 接待員說他一定會把話傳給她。
UK See (that) you're ready by five, or there'll be trouble. 你要確保五點前做好準備,否則就會有麻煩。

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