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uk /siːk/ us /siːk/ sought, sought formal

seek verb (SEARCH)

B2 [ T ] to try to find or get something, especially something that is not a physical object

"Are you actively seeking jobs?" she asked. 「你在積極找工作嗎?」她問。
Hundreds of dissidents are seeking refuge/asylum in the US embassy. 數百異議分子到美國大使館尋求庇護。

B2 [ T ] to ask for advice, help, approval, permission, etc.

Legal advice should be sought before you take any further action. 在採取下一步行動之前,你應該諮詢一下律師。

More examples

  • I was expelled from school and forced to seek work.
  • You should seek compensation.
  • If symptoms persist seek medical attention .
  • Contributions are being sought for the disaster fund.
  • He had actively sought a pardon from the president.

seek verb (TRY)

C2 [ I + to infinitive ] to try or attempt

They sought to reassure the public. 他們試圖消除大眾的憂慮。

More examples

  • The country's president is seeking to mend relations with the United States.
  • Six journalists sought to challenge in court the legality of the ban on broadcasting.
  • They are seeking to change the rules.
  • People seeking to end the crisis must have our full support.
  • I find it abhorrent that people should seek to gain financially from this tragic situation.

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