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uk /ˈsen.sə.bəl/ us /ˈsen.sə.bəl/

sensible adjective (GOOD JUDGMENT)

B1 based on or acting on good judgment and practical ideas or understanding

a sensible answer/approach/compromise/option 明智的回答/方法/妥協/選擇
a sensible person 理智的人
I think the sensible thing to do is call and ask for directions. 我覺得你去之前最好先打電話問好路。
It would be sensible to take an umbrella. 帶把傘是明智的。

Sensible clothes or shoes are practical and suitable for the purpose they are needed for, rather than being attractive or fashionable

It could be cold and wet so pack some sensible clothes. 天可能會又冷又濕,因此帶些合適的衣服。

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sensible adjective (AWARE)

formal having an understanding of a situation

He did not appear to be sensible of the difficulties that lay ahead. 他看起來並沒有意識到前面的困難。

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