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uk /set/ us /set/ present participle setting, past tense and past participle set

set verb (POSITION)

B2 [ T usually + adv/prep ] to put something in a particular place or position

He set a vase of flowers on the table. 他把一瓶花放在桌子上。
The campsite is set in the middle of a pine forest. 營地設在松樹林的中央。
Our house is set back from the road. 我們的房子離公路有一定的距離。

B1 [ T usually + adv/prep ] If a story, film, etc. is set in a particular time or place, the action in it happens in that time or place.

"West Side Story" is set in New York City in the late 1950s. 《西城故事》是以20世紀50年代末的紐約爲背景的。

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set verb (CONDITION)

B2 [ T ] to cause something or someone to be in the stated condition or situation

It is believed that the building was set alight/ablaze/on fire deliberately. 據信,這幢大樓遭縱火是有人故意所爲。
The new director has set a lot of changes in motion in our department. 新主管在我們部門推行了很多變革。
[ + adj ] After years in prison, the men who had wrongfully been found guilty of the bombing were finally set free. 坐了多年牢之後,在爆炸案中遭誤判有罪的數名男子終於被釋放了。
If I've made a mistake, then it's up to me to set it right (= correct it). 如果我犯了錯,那就該由我來糾正。
set sb/sth doing sth

to cause someone or something to start doing something

His remarks set me thinking. 他的話引起我的深思。
The thunderstorm set the radio crackling. 雷雨使收音機發出劈劈啪啪的聲音。
set sb to work

to give someone work to do

I was set to work dusting the bookshelves. 我被安排做整理書架的工作。

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set verb (ESTABLISH)

B2 [ T ] to establish or decide something

The school has been criticized for failing to set high standards for its students. 學校因未能爲學生設定高標準而受到了批評。
The committee has set new limits on spending. 政府對開支設定了新的限制。
Lewis has set a new world record. 路易士創造了一項新的世界紀錄。
The court's decision has set a legal precedent. 法庭的判決開創了一項判例。
Parents should set a good example to their children. 父母應該爲孩子樹立良好的榜樣。
He's set himself the goal/target of making his first million by the time he's 30. 他給自己定的目標是在30歲前賺到第一個100萬。

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set verb (GET READY)

B2 [ T ] to get something ready so that it comes into operation or can be used

[ + to infinitive ] The heating is set to come on at 5 p.m. 暖氣設定在下午五點鐘啓動。
Have you set up the DVD player? 你把錄影機調好了嗎?
I usually set my watch by the time on the computer. 我通常是按照收音機裡的報時對錶。
He set the alarm for 7 a.m. 他把鬧鐘設在早上七點鐘。
Will you set the table (= put plates, knives, forks, etc. on it ready for use), please? 你來擺一下餐桌,好嗎?

[ T ] to put furniture and other things on a stage so that it represents the time and the place in which the action of a play, film, or television programme is going to happen

During the interval the stage was set for the second act. 在換幕休息時,工作人員佈置了第二幕的佈景。

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set verb (FIX)

B1 [ T ] to fix or make certain

Has a date/time been set for the meeting yet? 會議的日期/時間確定了嗎?
The price of the house has been set at €425,000. 這棟房子的定價爲42.5萬英鎊。
set into sth/be set with sth

If a precious stone is set in/into a piece of jewellery, or a piece of jewellery is set with a precious stone, the stone is fixed firmly to the piece of jewellery.

a gold ring with a diamond set into it 鑲著一顆鑽石的金質領帶夾
a brooch set with rubies and pearls 鑲有紅寶石和珍珠的胸針

[ T ] When a doctor sets a broken bone, he or she puts it into the right position so that it will heal.


[ I ] When a broken bone sets, it heals in a particular position.


[ T ] If you have your hair set, you have it arranged while it is wet so that it will be in a particular style when it is dry.


[ T ] If you set a part of your body, you tighten the muscles around it in order to show that you are determined about something.

"I'm never going back to him," she said, setting her jaw firmly. 「我永遠都不會回到他身邊,」她咬緊牙說。
His face was set in determination. 他臉上露出堅定的表情。

[ I ] If a liquid or soft material sets, it becomes firm or hard.

Leave the jelly in the fridge to set. 把果凍放在冰箱裡凝固。
Don't walk on the concrete until it has set. 混凝土還沒凝固之前別在上面走。

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set verb (GIVE WORK)

B2 UK US assign [ T ] to give someone a piece of school work or homework to do

My science teacher always sets a lot of homework. 我的理科老師總是安排很多功課。
What books have been set for this term? 這學期規定學生要讀哪些書?
[ + two objects ] What homework have you been set for the holidays?

set verb (MUSIC)

[ T ] to write or provide music for a poem or other words so that they can be sung

poems set to music 譜了曲的詩歌

set verb (SUN)

B1 [ I ] (of the sun, moon, or planets) to go down below the horizon (= the line at which the earth seems to join the sky)

We sat on the beach and watched the sun set. 我們坐在海灘上觀看日落。
The setting sun cast long shadows across the lawn. 夕陽在草地上投下了長長的影子。
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uk /set/ us /set/

set noun (GROUP)

A2 [ C ] a group of similar things that belong together in some way

We bought Charles and Mandy a set of cutlery as a wedding present. 我們爲查爾斯和曼迪買了一套刀叉餐具,作爲送給他們的結婚禮物。
I always keep a tool set in the back of my car. 我一直都在汽車的後車箱內放著一套工具。
The doctor said that he hadn't seen this particular set of symptoms before. 醫生說他以前沒有見過這種症候群。
We need to establish a new set of priorities. 我們需要重新安排應優先考慮的一組事項。

A2 [ C ] a number of objects or pieces of equipment needed for a particular activity, especially playing a game

a chess/train/chemistry set 一副象棋/一組模型列車/一套化學實驗用品

[ C ] specialized mathematics In mathematics, a set is a group of objects with stated characteristics.


[ C, + sing/pl verb ] a group of people who have similar interests and ways of living

the fashionable set 倫敦人
She's got in with a very arty set. 她和一群搞藝術的人在一起。

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set noun (FILM/PLAY)

B2 [ C ] the place where a film or play is performed or recorded, and the pictures, furniture, etc. that are used

a movie set 電影場景
a stage set 舞臺佈景
a set designer 佈景師
They first met on the set of "Star Wars". 他們第一次見面是在《星際大戰》的拍攝場地。

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set noun (PART)

B2 [ C ] a part of a game of tennis or volleyball

They won in straight sets (= they won every set). 他們一局未失。

C2 [ C ] a musical performance that forms part of a concert, especially one of pop music or jazz

The band's opening set lasted 45 minutes. 樂隊的開場表演持續了45分鐘。

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set noun (POSITION)

the set of sth

the position in which you hold a part of your body

I could tell from the set of his jaw that he was angry. 看他繃得緊緊的下巴,我便知道他在生氣。

[ C ] the act of having your hair set

a shampoo and set 洗頭並做髮型

set noun (TELEVISION)

[ C ] old-fashioned a television

We need a new television set. 我們需要一台新電視機。


uk /set/ us /set/

set adjective (READY)

C1 [ after verb ] ready and prepared

Shall we go now - is everyone set? 我們可以走了嗎——大家準備好了嗎?
Is everything all set for the party? 派對一切都準備妥當了嗎?
At the start of the race, the starter said "On your marks, get set, go". 發令者在起跑時常說:「各就位,預備,跑。」
We were just getting set to leave when Ben said he had something important to tell us. 當班說他有一些重要的事要告訴我們時我們正準備離開。

[ after verb ] likely or in a suitable condition

He looks set to become world champion again this year. 他今年似乎有可能再次成爲世界冠軍。

set adjective (SAME)

C2 always the same, never changing

My parents say I have to be home by a set time. 我父母說我得在規定的時間回家。
UK The restaurant does a set lunch (= a meal which is offered at a fixed price, but with little or no choice about what you have to eat) on Sundays. 這家餐館星期天午餐供應套餐。
The receptionist had a bright set smile on his face, but I could tell that he was bored. 接待員帶著一成不變的燦爛微笑,但我看得出其實他覺得很厭倦。
My father has very set opinions/views on the matter. 我父親在這件事上的看法很難改變。
set expression/phrase

a phrase in which the words are always used in the same order


set adjective (STUDY)

[ before noun ] UK a set book is one that must be studied for a particular course

The students are reading "Lord of the Flies" as one of their set books/texts this year. 學生們今年的規定閱讀書目中有《蠅王》。

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