Translation of "set" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb (FIX) 固定 uk us /set/ (present tense setting, past tense and past participle set)

[ T ] to fix or make certain

Has a date/time been set for the meeting yet? 會議的日期/時間確定了嗎?
The price of the house has been set at £425 000. 這棟房子的定價爲42.5萬英鎊。
set into sth/be set with sth

If a precious stone is set in/into a piece of jewellery, or a piece of jewellery is set with a precious stone, the stone is fixed firmly to the piece of jewellery

a gold tiepin with a diamond set into it 鑲著一顆鑽石的金質領帶夾
a brooch set with rubies and pearls 鑲有紅寶石和珍珠的胸針

[ T ] When a doctor sets a broken bone, he or she puts it into a fixed position so that it will heal.


[ I ] When a broken bone sets, it heals in a fixed position.


[ T ] If you have your hair set, you have it arranged while it is wet so that it will be fixed in a particular style when it is dry.


[ T ] If you set a part of your body, you tighten the muscles around it in order to show that you are determined about something

"I'm never going back to him, " she said, setting her jaw firmly. 「我永遠都不會回到他身邊,」她咬緊牙說。
His face was set in determination. 他臉上露出堅定的表情。

[ I ] If a liquid or soft material sets, it becomes firm or hard

Leave the jelly in the fridge to set. 把果凍放在冰箱裡凝固。
Don't walk on the concrete until it has set. 混凝土還沒凝固之前別在上面走。

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