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uk /ˈset.əl/ us /ˈset̬.əl/

settle verb (AGREE)

B2 [ T ] to reach a decision or an agreement about something, or to end a disagreement

Good, that's all settled - you send out the invitations for the party, and I'll organize the food. 好,那就這麽決定了——你發送派對的請帖,我來準備吃的。
[ + question word ] They haven't yet settled when the wedding is going to be. 他們還沒有確訂婚禮在甚麽時候舉行。
"The tickets are €40 each." "Well, that settles that - I can't afford that much." 「入場券每張40英鎊。」「好吧,那就算了吧,我付不起那麽多錢。」
I'd like to get this matter settled once and for all (= reach a final decision on it). 我想把這件事了結了。

B2 [ I or T ] to arrange something

The details of the contract have not yet been settled. 合約的細節問題仍然沒有談妥。
Our lawyer advised us that it would be better to settle out of court (= reach an agreement in a legal case without it being decided in a court of law). 我們的律師建議我們最好在庭外和解。
It took months to settle (= bring to an end) the dispute/strike. 用了好幾個月的時間才解決這次爭端/結束這次罷工。
My father and I have agreed finally to settle our differences (= stop arguing). 我和我父親最後同意不再爭論。

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settle verb (MAKE COMFORTABLE)

[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to relax into a comfortable position

After dinner we settled in front of the television for the evening. 晚飯後,我們舒舒服服地坐在電視機前。
The dentist told her patient to settle back in the chair. 牙醫讓病人靠在椅子上放鬆。
He settled himself down with a newspaper, and waited for the flight to arrive. 他安逸地坐下來看報紙,等候火車到來。

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settle verb (LIVE)

B2 [ I usually + adv/prep ] to go and live somewhere, especially permanently

After they got married, they settled in Brooklyn. 他們結婚後在布萊頓定居下來。

[ I or T, often passive ] to arrive, especially from another country, in a new place and start to live there and use the land

America was first settled by people who came across from Asia over 25,000 years ago. 2.5萬年前,從亞洲來的移民首次在美洲安家落戶。

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settle verb (MOVE LOWER)

C1 [ I ] to move to a lower level and stay there; to drop

The house had been empty for years, and dust had settled on all the surfaces. 這棟房子多年來一直空著,所有東西上面都積了一層灰。
Do you think the snow will settle (= remain on the ground and other surfaces without melting)? 你認爲會積雪嗎?
The contents of this package may settle (= fall towards the bottom of the container and so seem to be less). 包裝裡的東西可壓實一些。

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settle verb (PAY)

C2 [ I or T ] to pay, especially money that you owe

Please settle your account/bill without further delay. 請立即付清賬款/賬單,勿再拖延。
It took the insurance company months to settle my claim. 保險公司用了好幾個月才付清我的理賠金。
formal Payment of your account is now overdue, and we must ask you to settle (= pay the money you owe) immediately. 您帳上的款項已逾期未付,我們必須請您馬上付清。

settle verb (QUIET)

[ I or T ] to become quiet and calm, or to make something or someone do this

The weather is expected to settle towards the end of the week. 天氣預計會在週末時穩定下來。
I'll call you back as soon as I've settled the kids for the night. 我把孩子們安頓下來睡覺後,就馬上回你電話。
Before a performance, she takes three deep breaths to settle her nerves. 在演出之前,她會深呼吸三次來平定緊張的情緒。
We're very busy this week, but things should settle (down) a bit after the weekend. 我們這個星期很忙,不過週末之後事情應該會少一點。
UK Joe's parents are very worried about him because he doesn't seem to be able to settle to (= to give his whole attention to) anything. 喬的父母很爲他擔心,因爲喬似乎做甚麽事都不能夠定下心來。

settle verb (BE IN A CERTAIN STATE)

[ I + adv/prep ] to reach and remain at a certain level or in a certain state

The pound rose slightly against the dollar today, then settled at $1.53. 英鎊對美元的匯率今天略有上升,之後便停留在1.53美元的價位上。
A peaceful expression settled on her face. 她臉上現出一副平靜的神色。
After the recent riots, an uneasy calm has settled on the city. 最近的暴亂平息後,城裡籠罩著一種令人不安的平靜氣氛。

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