Translation of "shabby" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adjective (NOT FAIR) 不公平的 uk us /ˈʃæb.i/

not honourable or fair; unacceptable

She spoke out about the shabby way the case had been handled. 她揭露了對這件案子不公正的處理方式。
I felt the whole affair was a bit shabby. 我感覺整個事件有點不光彩。
shabbily uk us /ˈʃæb.ɪ.li/ adverb

shabbily dressed 衣衫襤褸
The hostages were shabbily treated when they came home. 人質回國後遭到了不公正的對待。
shabbiness uk us /ˈʃæb.ɪ.nəs/ noun [ U ]

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