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uk /ˈʃæd.əʊ/ us /ˈʃæd.oʊ/

shadow noun (DARKNESS)

B1 [ C ] an area of darkness, caused by light being blocked by something

The children were playing, jumping on each other's shadows. 孩子們正在嬉戲,跳來跳去踩彼此的影子。
Jamie followed his mother around all day like a shadow. 傑米像影子一樣整天跟著他母親。
The sun shone through the leaves, casting/throwing shadows on the lawn. 陽光透過樹葉,在草地上投下陰影。
This corner of the room is always in shadow (= slight darkness). 房間的這個角落總是有點暗。
the shadows [ plural ]

an area of darkness in which people and things cannot be seen

Someone jumped out of the shadows and grabbed my handbag. 有個人從陰暗處竄出,搶走了我的手袋子。

[ C ] a small dark area of skin under your eye

She put on some make-up to cover the dark shadows under her eyes. 她化了點妝來掩蓋她眼睛下的黑眼圈。
be in/under the shadow of sth

to be very close to a larger building or place

His workshop was in the shadow of the great church of San Paolo Maggiore.

to be in a situation in which something unpleasant either seems likely to happen and to have a bad effect on your life, or is already having a bad effect on your life

We are all living under the shadow of war. 我們都生活在戰爭的陰影中。

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shadow noun (SMALL AMOUNT)

[ S ] a small amount

It is a tragic story, but there is a shadow of hope. 那是一個悲慘的故事,但仍有一絲希望。
There isn't a shadow of doubt that you've made the right decision. 毫無疑問,你作出的決定是正確的。
beyond/without a shadow of a doubt

C2 If something is true beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is no doubt that it is true.

This is without a shadow of a doubt the best movie I've seen all year. 毫無疑問,這是我有生以來看過最好的一部電影。

shadow noun (FOLLOW)

[ C ] someone who follows another person everywhere

"I think we have a shadow on our tail," muttered the detective. 「我認爲有人在跟蹤我們,」偵探低聲說。
Ever since he was able to walk, Stephen has been his older brother's shadow (= has followed him and copied his actions). 自從史蒂芬會走路之後,就一直和他哥哥形影不離。

[ C ] UK a person who follows someone else while they are at work in order to learn about that person's job


shadowverb [ T ]

uk /ˈʃæd.əʊ/ us /ˈʃæd.oʊ/

shadow verb [ T ] (FOLLOW)

to follow closely

The police think that the robbers shadowed their victims for days before the crime. 警方認爲搶劫者是跟蹤了被害人幾天之後才犯案的。
The euro has closely shadowed the dollar. 歐元緊跟在美元之後。

to follow someone else while they are at work in order to learn about that person's job

Your first week in the job will be spent shadowing one of our more experienced employees. 你工作的第一周將會跟隨我們其中一位經驗豐富的員工學習。

shadow verb [ T ] (DARKNESS)

to produce a shadow

We came across a glade shadowed by large trees. 我們在森林中偶然發現了一塊被大樹遮蔽的空地。

shadowadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈʃæd.əʊ/ us /ˈʃæd.oʊ/ UK

used in the title of important politicians in the main opposition party (= the party not in government)

the Shadow Foreign Secretary 影子外交大臣
the Shadow Cabinet 影子內閣

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