Translation of "share" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb uk us /ʃeər/ US  /ʃer/

[ I or T ] to have or use something at the same time as someone else

She's very possessive about her toys and finds it hard to share. 她對自己的玩具佔有欲太強,很難跟別人分享。
Bill and I shared an office for years. 比爾和我同在一個辦公室裡工作了多年。
I share a house with four other people. 我和另外四個人合住一棟房子。

[ I or T ] to divide food, money, goods, etc. and give part of it to someone else

Will you share your sandwich with me? 你能把你的三明治分給我一點嗎?
Let's share the sweets (out) among/between everyone. 我們大家一起來分這些糖果吧。
We should share (in) the reward. 我們應分享這份獎勵。

[ I or T ] If two or more people share an activity, they each do some of it

Shall we share the driving? 我們輪流開車好嗎?
We shared the preparation for the party between us, so it wasn't too much work. 我們一起準備了這個派對,這樣工作就沒有多少了。

[ I or T ] If two or more people or things share a feeling, quality or experience, they both or all have the same feeling, quality or experience

We share an interest in sailing. 我們都對航海感興趣。
All hospitals share some common characteristics. 所有的醫院都有一些共同的特徵。
I don't share your views/beliefs. 我和你觀點/信仰不同。
Management and the union both share in the responsibility for the crisis. 勞資雙方對此次危機都負有責任。
She knew that he was the person she wanted to share her life with. 她知道他就是自己想與之共度一生的那個人。

[ T ] to tell someone else about your thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc.

He's not very good at sharing his worries. 他不善於向別人傾訴自己的煩惱。
It's nice to have someone you can share your problems with. 有人能幫你分憂解愁真是太好了。
Come on, Bob, share the joke (with us). 來,鮑勃,(給我們)講講這個笑話。

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