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uk /ʃɒk/ us /ʃɑːk/

shock noun (SURPRISE)

B1 [ C or U ] (the emotional or physical reaction to) a sudden, unexpected, and usually unpleasant event or experience

Her mother's death came as a great shock - it was so unexpected. 她母親的去世讓人倍感震驚——簡直太出乎意料了。
It was such a loud crash - it gave me/I got quite a shock. 轟隆一聲巨響就撞上了——真把我嚇了一跳。
It was a shock to see her looking so ill. 看到她病得如此厲害,真讓人震驚。
I was in (a state of) shock for about two weeks after the accident. 意外發生後,我有約兩個星期都處於驚魂未甫的狀態。
UK Manchester City suffered a shock defeat (= completely unexpected defeat) at the weekend. 法國隊週末十分意外地被義大利隊擊敗。
a shock to the system

an unpleasant feeling that you experience when something new or unusual happens

It's really hard getting back to work after three months off - it's quite a shock to the system. 三個月的休假之後,真的很難回到工作狀態——感覺很不適應。

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shock noun (ELECTRICITY)

C2 [ C ] an electric shock

Ow! - I got a shock from that lamp! 哎喲!——我被那盞燈電了一下!

shock noun (ILLNESS)

[ U ] a medical condition caused by severe injury, pain, loss of blood, or fear that slows down the flow of blood around the body

Several passengers from the wrecked vehicle were taken to hospital suffering from shock. 出事的車上有幾位乘客處於休克狀態,被送往醫院。

shock noun (DAMAGING EFFECT)

C2 [ U ] the effect of one object violently hitting another, causing damage or a slight movement

For running on hard roads, you need shoes with extra cushioning to absorb (= reduce) the shock. 在堅硬的路面上奔跑時,需要穿具有超強緩衝力的鞋子。

shock noun (OFFENDED)

[ U ] a feeling of being offended or upset by something you consider wrong or unacceptable

You should have seen the look of shock on her face when he started swearing! 你真應該看看他開始用粗話罵人時,她臉上那又驚又氣的表情!

shock noun (HAIR)

[ S ] a large and noticeable mass of hair

The baby had a shock of bright red hair.


shockverb [ I or T ]

uk /ʃɒk/ us /ʃɑːk/

shock verb [ I or T ] (OFFEND)

B2 to offend or upset someone by doing or saying something that they consider is immoral or unacceptable

The advertisements were designed to shock - that was the whole point of the campaign. 這些廣告爲的就是要驚世駭俗——這就是此次活動的全部意義。
[ + obj + to infinitive ] I think it shocks him to hear women talking about sex. 我想他聽到女人談論性會很憤慨。

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shock verb [ I or T ] (SURPRISE)

B2 to make someone feel upset or surprised

The photographs of starving children shocked people into giving money. 那些饑餓兒童的照片讓人們深感震驚,紛紛解囊相助。
The news of the accident shocked the family deeply. 那則意外的消息讓全家人深感震驚。

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