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uk /ʃuːt/ us /ʃuːt/ shot, shot

shoot verb (WEAPON)

B1 [ I or T ] to fire a bullet or an arrow, or to hit, injure, or kill a person or animal by firing a bullet or arrow at him, her, or it

If he's not armed, don't shoot. 如果他沒帶武器,就不要開槍。
The kids were shooting arrows at a target. 孩子們正對著靶射箭。
She was shot three times in the head. 她頭部中了三槍。
He has a licence to shoot pheasants on the farmer's land. 他得到特許,可以在這個農民的地裡射野雞。
[ + obj + adj ] A policeman was shot deadin the city centre last night. 昨晚,一名員警在市中心被人開槍打死了。
The troops were told to shoot to kill. 軍隊接到命令開槍射擊。

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shoot verb (SPORT)

B1 [ I ] to try to score points for yourself or your team, in sports involving a ball, by kicking, hitting, or throwing the ball towards the goal

He shot from the middle of the field and still managed to score. 他在中場投籃,仍成功命中。

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shoot verb (MOVE QUICKLY)

C2 [ I usually + adv/prep ] to move in a particular direction very quickly and directly

She shot past me several metres before the finishing line. 她在離終點線幾米時衝刺超過了我。
He shot out of the office a minute ago - I think he was late for a meeting. 他一分鐘前衝出了辦公室——我想他是開會遲到了。
They were just shooting off to work so we didn't stop to talk. 他們要馬上趕到城裡,所以我們沒有停下來說話。
Sylvester Stallone shot to fame (= became famous suddenly) with the movie "Rocky". 席維斯‧史特龍憑藉電影《洛基》一炮走紅。

[ T ] to move through or past something quickly

informal He shot three sets of traffic lights (= went past them when they gave the signal to stop) before the police caught him. 他被員警逮住前已連闖了三個紅燈。
It was so exhilarating shooting the rapids (= travelling through the part of a river where the water flows dangerously fast). 激流衝浪真是太刺激了。

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shoot verb (FILM)

C1 [ I or T ] to use a camera to record a video or take a photograph

We shot four reels of film in Egypt. 我們在埃及拍了四捲膠卷底片。
The movie was shot on location in Southern India. 這部電影是在印度南部實地拍攝的。

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shoot verb (PLAY)

[ T ] mainly US informal to play a game of pool or craps


shoot verb (DRUG)

[ T ] slang to take an illegal drug by injecting yourself with it

By the time he was 16, he was shooting heroin twice a day. 他16歲的時候,每天注射兩次海洛因。


uk /ʃuːt/ us /ʃuːt/

shoot noun (PLANT)

[ C ] the first part of a plant to appear above the ground as it develops from a seed, or any new growth on an already existing plant

Two weeks after we'd planted the seeds, little green shoots started to appear. 我們撒下種子兩周後,綠色的小苗開始鑽出來。
figurative The first green shoots (= hopeful signs) of economic recovery have started to appear. 經濟復甦的跡象已開始顯現。

shoot noun (PHOTOGRAPHS)

[ C usually singular ] an occasion when photographers take a series of photographs, usually of the same person or people in the same place

We did a fashion shoot on the beach, with the girls modelling swimwear. 我們在海灘上拍了一組女模特兒展示泳裝的時裝照。

shoot noun (WEAPON)

[ C ] an occasion on which a group of people go to an area of the countryside to shoot animals


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