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shopnoun [ C ]

uk /ʃɒp/ us /ʃɑːp/

shop noun [ C ] (PLACE TO BUY THINGS)

A1 UK US usually store a place where you can buy goods or services

a book/clothes/record/sweet shop 書/服裝/唱片/糖果店
a barber's/betting shop 理髮/投注店
I need to go to the shops - I've got no food in the house. 我得去商店了——家裡沒有吃的東西了。

UK the act of shopping, especially of shopping for food and other things needed in the house

I usually do the weekly shop on a Monday. 我通常在星期一買一周要用的東西。
be in the shops UK US be in stores

to be available to buy

His latest novel will be in the shops by Christmas. 他的最新小說將在聖誕節前上市。

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shop noun [ C ] (WORK AREA)

a place where a particular type of thing is made or repaired

He runs a car repair shop. 他開了一家汽車輪胎修理廠。

shop noun [ C ] (BUSINESS)

informal a business




uk /ʃɒp/ us /ʃɑːp/ -pp-

shop verb (BUY THINGS)

B1 [ I ] to buy things in shops

I like to shop at Gap for clothes. 我喜歡在哈洛氏買衣服。
If I'm just shopping for food, I tend to go to the local supermarket. 如果只是買些食品,我一般會去附近的超市。

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[ T ] UK slang to give the police information about a criminal

His ex-wife shopped him to the police. 他的前妻向警方告發了他。

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