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uk /ʃɔːt/ us /ʃɔːrt/

short adjective (DISTANCE)

A1 small in length, distance, or height

a short skirt 短裙
Her hair is much shorter than it used to be. 她的頭髮比過去短多了。
It's only a short walk to the station. 去車站只需走很短一段路程。
I'm fairly short but my brother's very tall. 我很矮,可我弟弟很高。

B2 used to say that a name is used as a shorter form of another name

Her name's Jo - it's short for Josephine. 她名叫喬,是約瑟芬的簡稱。
Her name's Josephine, or Jo for short. 她名叫約瑟芬,或簡稱爲喬。

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short adjective (TIME)

A1 being an amount of time that is less than average or usual

a short film/visit 短片/短暫的訪問
He's grown so much in such a short time. 他在如此短的時間裡長高了這麽多。
I work much better if I take a short break every hour or so. 如果每小時我都休息一小會兒,我的工作效率會高很多。

A2 Short books, letters, and other examples of writing do not contain many words and do not take much time to read.

It's a very short book - you'll read it in an hour. 這是一本篇幅很短的書——你一個小時就能讀完。

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short adjective (LACKING)

be short (of/on sth)

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B1 to not have enough of something

to be short of space/time 空間/時間不足
We're short on coffee - I'd better get some more. 我們的咖啡不多了——我必須去再買一些。
The bill comes to £85, but we're £15 short. 賬單是85英鎊,但我們還缺15英鎊。
I'm a little short (= I do not have much money) this week - could you lend me ten dollars? 我這星期錢有點不夠用——能借我十塊美金嗎?
short of breath

unable to breathe very well, for example because you have been running or doing some type of energetic exercise

She's always short of breath when she climbs the stairs. 她爬樓梯時總是上氣不接下氣。
be in short supply

to be few or not enough in number

Free desks are in short supply in this office. 這個辦公室裡的電腦不夠用。
go short mainly UK

to not have something, especially when it is something you need in order to live

My parents didn't have much money, but they made sure we didn't go short (of anything). 我父母並沒有多少錢,但他們總是確保我們衣食無缺。

short adjective (NOT PATIENT)

[ after verb ] saying little but showing slight impatience or anger in the few words that you say

I'm sorry if I was a bit short with you on the phone this morning. 我很抱歉今天早上我在電話裡有點傲慢無禮。

shortnoun [ C ]

uk /ʃɔːt/ us /ʃɔːrt/

short noun [ C ] (DRINK)

UK informal US shot a drink of spirits (= type of strong alcohol) without water or any other liquid added

She only drinks shorts, never wine or beer. 她只喝純烈酒,從不喝葡萄酒或啤酒。

short noun [ C ] (FILM)

a short film, especially one made for showing before the main film at a cinema


short noun [ C ] (ELECTRICITY)

informal for short circuit


shortverb [ I or T ]

uk /ʃɔːt/ us /ʃɔːrt/

informal for short-circuit (short circuit)

The plumber shorted the washing machine. 水電工把電熱水器弄得短路了。


uk /ʃɔːt/ us /ʃɔːrt/

before the arranged or expected time or place

We wanted to explain the plans fully, but the chairman stopped us short, as there were other important matters to discuss. 我們想完整地介紹這些計劃,但是主席提前打斷了我們的發言,因爲還有其他重要的事情需要討論。


uk /ʃɔːt-/ us /ʃɔːrt-/

used with adjectives ending in -ed formed from nouns to describe something with a short part

(與以 -ed 結尾、由名詞變化而來的形容詞連用)短…的
a short-haired dog (= a dog with short hair) 短毛狗
a short-sleeved shirt (= a shirt with short sleeves) 短袖襯衫

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