Translation of "shortlist" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] UK (US short list) uk us /ˈʃɔːt.lɪst/ US  /ˈʃɔːrt-/

a list of people who have been judged the most suitable for a job or prize, made from a longer list of people originally considered, and from which one person will be chosen

We've drawn up (= decided) a shortlist for the job. 我們已經確定了該職位的最終候選名單。
She's on the shortlist for a teaching post. 她已經成爲某個教師職位的最終候選人之一。
shortlist uk us verb [ T ]

His latest novel has been shortlisted for the Booker prize. 他的最新小說已經被列在了布克獎的決選名單上。

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