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sketchnoun [ C ]

uk /sketʃ/ us /sketʃ/

sketch noun [ C ] (SIMPLE SHAPE/FORM)

C1 a simple, quickly-made drawing that does not have many details

My mother made a (pencil) sketch of my brother reading a book. 我母親畫了一張我弟弟在讀書的(鉛筆)素描。

C2 a short written or spoken story that does not have many details


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sketch noun [ C ] (HUMOROUS PERFORMANCE)

C1 a short, humorous part of a longer show on stage, television, or radio

I thought the sketch about celebrity chefs was really funny. 我覺得那部有關維多利亞女王的短劇非常有趣。

sketchverb [ I or T ]

uk /sketʃ/ us /sketʃ/

to make a sketch of something

The art students were told to sketch the landscape. 藝術專業的學生被告知要畫一張實地風景素描。
When I have some spare time, I like to sketch. 有空閒的時候,我喜歡畫素描。
The artist has sketched out a design for the new school. 這位藝術家已勾勒出了新學校的設計圖。

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