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skidverb [ I ]

uk /skɪd/ us /skɪd/ -dd-

(especially of a vehicle) to slide along a surface so that you have no control

Tony's car skidded on some ice and hit a tree. 特雷弗駕駛的公車在冰上打滑,撞上了一棵樹。

skidnoun [ C ]

uk /skɪd/ us /skɪd/

a sliding movement that cannot be controlled

She was riding too fast on a wet road, and the motorbike went into a skid. 她在濕滑的路面上騎得太快,摩托車打滑了。

one of two long flat pieces under some aircraft, such as helicopters, that help the aircraft to land


a support, often made of wood, for raising heavy objects off the ground or for moving them


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