Translation of "smarmy" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adjective uk us /ˈsmɑː.mi/ US  /ˈsmɑːr-/ informal disapproving

extremely polite, respectful or helpful in a way which is intended to be attractive but which does not seem sincere

She was trying to be friendly, but she just seemed smarmy and insincere. 她試圖表達友善,但只是讓人覺得過於殷勤,不夠真誠。
smarm uk us /smɑːm/ US  /smɑːrm/ verb [ I or T ]

He's always trying to smarm his way into a promotion. 他總是試圖靠拍馬屁得到晉升。
smarmily uk us /ˈsmɑː.mɪ.li/ US  /ˈsmɑːr-/ adverb

"Certainly, madam, " he replied smarmily. 「確實,夫人,」他的回答是虛情假意的。

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