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uk /ˈsɒl.ɪd/ us /ˈsɑː.lɪd/

solid adjective (HARD)

B2 hard or firm, keeping a clear shape

solid ground 堅硬的地面
a solid object 堅固的物體
a solid structure 堅固的結構

B2 completely hard or firm all through an object, or without any spaces or holes

solid rock 實心的石頭
a solid oak table 質地堅實的橡木桌子
solid doors/walls 實心門/牆
a solid line of traffic 擁擠不堪的車流
The lecture hall was packed solid (with students). 演講大廳裡擠滿了(學生)。

C1 A solid metal or colour is pure and does not have anything else mixed together with it.

solid gold/silver candlesticks 純金/銀燭台
a white rose on a solid blue background 純藍色背景下的一朵白玫瑰

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solid adjective (NOT LIQUID/GAS)

C1 not liquid or gas

Liquid and solid waste is collected in the tank. 液體和固體廢棄物集中在箱罐裡。
Freeze the mixture for about three hours or so until solid. 把混合物冷凍三小時左右,直到其變成固體。

Solid food is not in liquid form, especially when given to babies or people who are ill.

That rice pudding was the first solid food he's eaten since his operation. 那種大米布丁是他手術後吃的第一種固體食物。

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solid adjective (CERTAIN)

C2 certain or safe; of a good standard; giving confidence or support

This provided solid evidence that he committed the crime. 這提供了確鑿證據,證明他犯了罪。
The drama course gives students a solid grounding in the basic techniques of acting. 戲劇課爲學生們的表演基本功打下了紮實的基礎。

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solid adjective (CONTINUOUS)

continuing for a period of time without stopping

I slept for eleven solid hours. 我整整睡了11個小時。
The hotel was booked solid all of December. 整個12月份該旅館的客房都被訂光了。


uk /ˈsɒl.ɪd/ us /ˈsɑː.lɪd/

solid noun (OBJECT)

[ C ] specialized mathematics an object that has a height, width, and length, and is not flat

A cube and a pyramid are both solids. 立方體和棱錐體都是立體圖形。

solid noun (NOT LIQUID/GAS)

[ C ] a substance that is not liquid or gas


[ C usually plural ] a food not in liquid form


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