Translation of "solo" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adjective [ before noun ], adverb uk /ˈsəʊ.ləʊ/ us /ˈsoʊ.loʊ/

B2 alone; without other people

a solo performance/flight 單人表演/飛行
to sail/fly solo 獨自航行/飛行
He used to play with a group but now he's going solo/pursuing a solo career. 他以前曾經加入過某個樂隊,但如今已單獨發展。
noun [ C ] uk /ˈsəʊ.ləʊ/ us /ˈsoʊ.loʊ/ plural solos

B2 a musical performance given by one person alone, or a musical performance in which one person is given special attention

a trumpet solo 小號獨奏
Parker's solo on "A Night in Tunisia" was so amazing that the pianist backing him simply stopped playing. 派克的獨奏《突尼斯之夜》實在是太精彩了,以至於爲他伴奏的鋼琴手乾脆停了下來。

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