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sortienoun [ C ]

uk /ˈsɔː.ti/ us /ˈsɔːr.t̬i/

a short, quick attack by a military force, such as a small group of soldiers or an aircraft, made against an enemy position

A series of sorties was carried out at night by specially equipped aircraft. 特殊裝備的戰鬥機夜晚進行了好幾次突襲。

a short journey to somewhere you have not been before, often with a particular purpose

It was our first sortie into the shopping centre. 這是我們第一次去市中心。

an attempt to do something

This is the acclaimed historian John Taylor's first sortie into fiction. 這是著名的歷史學家約翰‧泰勒第一次嘗試寫小說。

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