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uk /saʊər/ us /saʊr/

sour adjective (TASTE)

B1 having a sharp, sometimes unpleasant, taste or smell, like a lemon, and not sweet

These plums are a bit sour. 這些李子有點酸。

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sour adjective (BAD FEELING)

unfriendly or easily annoyed

Overnight, it seemed, their relationship had turned sour. 一晚上的時間,他們的關係似乎變糟了。
She gave me a sour look. 她沒好氣地瞪了我一眼。


sourverb [ I or T ]

uk /saʊər/ us /saʊr/

sour verb [ I or T ] (TASTE)

to become sour or to make something become sour

Hot weather sours milk. 熱天會讓牛奶變酸。
Milk sours in hot weather. 牛奶在熱天會變酸。

sour verb [ I or T ] (BAD FEELING)

to (cause to) become unpleasant or unfriendly

Her whole attitude to life soured as a result of that experience. 那次經歷過後,她對生活的整個態度變得很消極。
This incident has soured relations between the two countries. 這一事件導致兩國關係惡化。

sournoun [ C ]

uk /saʊər/ us /saʊr/ mainly US

a drink made from strong alcohol, lemon, or lime juice, sugar, and ice

酸味雞尾酒; 沙瓦
a whisky sour 威士卡沙瓦

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