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speakernoun [ C ]

uk /ˈspiː.kər/ us /ˈspiː.kɚ/

speaker noun [ C ] (FORMAL TALK)

B1 a person who gives a speech at a public event

a good public speaker 擅長公開演講的人
Please join with me in thanking our guest speaker tonight. 請大家和我一起向今晚的特別演講人表示感謝。
The Democrats have chosen the Texas state treasurer as the keynote (= most important) speaker at their convention. 民主黨員選擇了德州財政部長作爲他們大會上的主要發言人。

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speaker noun [ C ] (LANGUAGE)

B1 someone who speaks a particular language

a French speaker 說法語的人
a fluent Russian speaker 說一口流利的俄語的人
non-English speakers 不是說英語的人

speaker noun [ C ] (ELECTRICAL)

A2 the part of a radio, television, or computer, or of a piece of electrical equipment for playing recorded sound, through which the sound is played. A speaker can be part of the radio, etc. or be separate from it

There's no sound coming out of the right-hand speaker. 右邊的喇叭不出聲了。

Speakernoun [ C ]

uk /ˈspiː.kər/ us /ˈspiː.kɚ/

the person who controls the way in which business is done in an organization which makes laws

He served for eight years as Speaker of the House of Representatives. 他做了八年的眾議院議長。
[ as form of address ] Mr Speaker, my honourable friend has failed to consider the consequences of his proposal. 議長閣下,我尊敬的朋友沒有考慮到他提案的後果。

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