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uk /spɪn/ us /spɪn/ present participle spinning, past tense spun, past participle UK also span

spin verb (TURN)

C1 [ I or T ] to (cause to) turn around and around, especially fast

The earth spins on its axis. 地球繞地軸旋轉。
The roulette players silently watched the wheel spin around/round. 玩轉盤遊戲的玩家們默不作聲地注視著輪盤旋轉。
He was killed when his car hit a tree and spun off the road. 他的車撞到樹上後甩出路面,他因此而喪生。
Spin the ball (= make it turn around and around as you throw it) and it will change direction when it hits the ground. 把球旋轉起來再拋出去,球觸地時就會改變方向。
head/room spins

If your head or the room spins, you feel as if it is turning around and around, and you cannot balance.

The room started spinning and I felt faint. 我開始感覺天旋地轉,頭昏眼花。

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spin verb (MAKE THREAD)

[ I or T ] to make thread by twisting fibres , or to produce something using thread

The final stage of the production of cotton is when it is spun into thread. 棉線生産的最後一個階段是把它紡成線。
Spiders spin webs. 蜘蛛結網。
spin (sb) a story/tale/yarn

to tell a story, either to deceive someone or for entertainment

He spun some tale about needing to take time off work because his mother was ill. 他編了個瞎謊,說他媽媽病了,他需要請假。
[ + two objects ] They spun us a story about being in desperate need of money. 他們編了個瞎謊,說他們急需用錢。

spin verb (DRIVE)

[ I + adv/prep ] informal (of a vehicle) to move quickly, or to move quickly in a vehicle

We were spinning along, when suddenly one of our tyres burst. 我們車開得飛快,突然一個輪胎爆了。
Chris spun past in a flashy new car. 克裡斯開著一輛眩目的新車疾馳而過。


uk /spɪn/ us /spɪn/

spin noun (TURN)

[ C or U ] the movement of something turning round very quickly

I hit something on the road, which sent the car into a spin. 我撞到了路面上某個東西,整個車一直打轉。
Suddenly, the plane went into a spin. 突然,飛機開始不停地旋轉。
These clothes need another spin (= to be turned round very fast in a machine to get water out of them) - they're still very wet. 這些衣服需要再甩一遍——它們還很濕呢。
She put a lot of spin on the ball (= threw or hit it in a way that made it spin). 她打出的球高速旋轉。

spin noun (CHANGE IDEAS)

[ S or U ] informal a way of describing an idea or situation that makes it seem better than it really is, especially in politics

They have tried to put a positive spin on the situation. 他們嘗試過將這個局面描述成具有正面意義。
This report puts a different spin on the issue. 這篇報導對這個問題作出了全然不同的傾向描述。

spin noun (DRIVE)

[ C usually singular ] old-fashioned informal a short journey in a car for pleasure

Rupert took me for a spin in his new car. 魯珀特用他的新車載著我去兜了一圈。


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