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spreadverb [ I or T ]

uk /spred/ us /spred/ spread

B2 to (cause to) cover, reach, or have an effect on a wider or increasing area

The fire spread very rapidly because of the strong wind. 風很大,火勢迅速蔓延開來。
It started off as cancer of the liver but it spread to other areas of the body. 開始的時候是肝癌,後來擴散到了身體的其他部位。
The redundancies are spread across the banking and building industries. 裁員風氣席捲了服裝業、銀行業和建築業。
We spread the picnic rug out on the ground and sat down to eat. 我們把野餐毯鋪在地上,坐下來吃東西。
The virus is spread (= given to other people) through contact with blood and other body fluids. 愛滋病毒透過血液及其他體液的接觸而傳染。
Are you spreading (= telling a lot of people) gossip/rumours again? 你是不是又在四處散播謠言了?
If we spread (= divide) the work between us, it won't seem so bad. 如果我們大家分擔一下工作,情況可能就沒那麽糟糕了。
She spread her toast with a thick layer of butter./She spread a thick layer of butter on her toast. 她在吐司上塗了厚厚的一層牛油。
It's a special sort of butter that spreads easily even when cold. 這是一種很特別的牛油,在涼的時候也很容易塗抹。
The suburbs spread (out) for miles to either side of the city. 郊區向城市兩邊都伸展出數哩。
Slowly a smile spread across her face. 她的臉上慢慢露出了微笑。

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uk /spred/ us /spred/

spread noun (AREA COVERED)

B2 [ S ] the development or growth of something so that it covers a larger area or affects a larger number of people

The spread of the disease in the last few years has been alarming. 近幾年愛滋病的廣泛傳播確實令人擔憂。

[ S ] the area or range covered by something

The survey found a wide spread of opinion over the proposed new building. 調查廣泛徵集了對於擬議中的新建築的意見。

[ C ] a large article or advertisement covering one or more pages in a newspaper or magazine

There's a double-page spread on the latest fashions. 有一篇兩面全版的文章介紹最新的時尚。

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spread noun (SOFT FOOD)

[ C or U ] a soft food for putting on bread and biscuits

cheese/chocolate/fish spread 乳酪/巧克力/魚醬
There's bread and various spreads for tea. 茶點有麵包和各種抹醬。

spread noun (LAND)

US [ C ] a ranch or other large area of land or water


spread noun (MEAL)

[ C ] UK old-fashioned or US a meal, especially one for a special occasion with a lot of different dishes arranged on a table

Sheila laid on (= made) a magnificent spread for us. 希拉爲我們準備了豐盛的飯菜。

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