Translation of "spread" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (AREA COVERED) 覆蓋範圍 uk us /spred/

[ S ] when something moves to cover a larger area or affect a larger number of people

The spread of AIDS in the last few years has been alarming. 近幾年愛滋病的廣泛傳播確實令人擔憂。

[ S ] the area or range covered by something

The survey found a wide spread of opinion over the proposed new building. 調查廣泛徵集了對於擬議中的新建築的意見。

[ C ] a large article or advertisement covering one or more pages in a newspaper or magazine

There's a double-page spread on the latest fashions. 有一篇兩面全版的文章介紹最新的時尚。

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