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stagenoun [ C ]

uk /steɪdʒ/ us /steɪdʒ/

stage noun [ C ] (PART)

B2 a part of an activity or a period of development

The project is in its final stages and should be completed by August. 這個企劃案已進入最後階段,應於八月份前完成。
They did the last stage of their journey on foot. 他們徒步走完了旅途的最後一段路。
Our marriage is going through a difficult stage at the moment. 目前我們的婚姻正走到難關。
Their youngest child is at the stage where she can say individual words but not full sentences. 他們最小的孩子目前所處的階段是會說單個的詞,但還不會說整句話。
I'm not tired at the moment but I will need a rest at some stage (= at some time) during the walk. 我現在不累,但我在走路的過程中有時會需要休息一下。
Andrew spends all his spare time playing with his computer but it's probably just a stage he's going through (= a period of development that will end soon). 安德魯的業餘時間全花在玩電腦上,不過這可能只是一個階段罷了。
in stages

If you do something in stages, you divide the activity into parts and complete each part separately.

We're decorating the house in stages so it won't be ready for another couple of months. 我們在逐步裝修房子,所以還得幾個月才能就緒。

specialized engineering one of the separate parts of a rocket, each part having its own engine

Once its fuel supply runs out, each stage separates from the main part of the rocket and falls back to earth. 每一節在燃料燃盡後,就會從火箭主體上脫落,落回到地球上。

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stage noun [ C ] (THEATRE)

A2 the area in a theatre that is often raised above ground level and on which actors or entertainers perform

Hamlet is on stage for most of the act. 這一幕的大部分時間哈姆雷特都有出場。
The orchestra went on/off stage to great applause. 管弦樂隊在雷鳴般的掌聲中登場/走下舞臺。
The play is a stage adaptation of William Golding's novel. 這部戲是根據威廉‧戈爾丁的小說改編的舞臺劇。
The singer returns to the Oslo stage (= will perform again in Oslo) this summer. 那位歌劇演員今夏將重返倫敦舞臺。

a particular area of public life

The president was extremely popular on the world stage but was disliked in his own country. 總統在世界舞臺上極受歡迎,但在本國卻不受擁戴。
take the stage

to go onto the stage and start to perform


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stageverb [ T ]

uk /steɪdʒ/ us /steɪdʒ/

C2 to arrange and perform a play or show

The local drama group is staging a production of the musical "Grease". 當地劇團正在演出音樂劇《油脂》。

to organize an event

London staged the Olympic Games in 2012. 巴賽隆納於1992年舉辦了奧運會。

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