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stakenoun [ C ]

uk /steɪk/ us /steɪk/

stake noun [ C ] (SHARE)

a share or a financial involvement in something such as a business

He holds (= owns) a 40 percent stake in/of the company. 他擁有公司40%的股份。
have a stake in sth

If you have a stake in something, it is important to you because you have a personal interest or involvement in it.

Employers have a stake in the training of their staff. 僱主很重視員工訓練。

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stake noun [ C ] (RISK)

the amount of money that you risk on the result of something such as a game or competition

She spent two weeks in Las Vegas playing high-stakes blackjack at the casinos. 她在拉斯維加斯的賭場裡玩了兩個星期高賭注的二十一點。
the stakes [ plural ]

In an activity or competition, the stakes are the reward for the person who wins or succeeds in it.

The team is playing for enormous stakes - the chance to play in the final. 這支球隊正在爲大獎——進入決賽——而拼命一搏。
the Stakes

used in the names of horse races in which the prize money is provided by all the owners of the horses that are competing in the race

the beauty, popularity, etc. stakes

a situation where someone is judged on how much of a particular quality they have

The prime minister is not very high in the popularity stakes (= he is not very popular) at the moment. 首相當前的人氣並不是很旺。
raise/up the stakes

to increase the prize or reward in a competition or any activity in which you are competing


to make a situation more urgent or more difficult to ignore

The stowaways are trying to raise the stakes by refusing to eat until they are given money and aid. 偷渡者正試圖透過絕食來使事態擴大,直到他們得到錢和援助為止。

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stake noun [ C ] (STICK)

a strong stick or metal bar with a pointed end

The stakes are pushed or hammered into the ground and can be used for supporting a plant or forming part of a fence. 將木樁插入地下,可以用來標明地界、支撐植物或構成圍欄。
the stake

in the past, a wooden post to which people were tied before being burned to death as a punishment

In medieval Europe, many women were accused of being witches and were burned at the stake. 在中世紀的歐洲,許多女人被指控爲女巫而被燒死在火刑柱上。

stakeverb [ T ]

uk /steɪk/ us /steɪk/

stake verb [ T ] (RISK)

to risk an amount of money

At the roulette table, he staked $10,000 on number 21. 他在輪盤賭臺上押了一萬美元賭21號。

stake verb [ T ] (USE STICK)

to hold up and support something by fastening it to stakes

Tomato plants should be staked. 番茄植株得用架子架起來。

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