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uk /steɪl/ us /steɪl/

C1 no longer new or fresh, usually as a result of being kept for too long

The bread/biscuits/cake had gone stale. 麵包/餅乾/蛋糕已經不新鮮了。
The morning after the party, their apartment smelled of stale cigarette smoke. 派對後的次日早上,他們的公寓裡有一股汙濁的煙味。

not fresh and new; boring because too familiar

stale jokes/news 老掉牙的笑話/過時的新聞

used to describe someone who has lost interest in what they are doing because of being bored or working too hard

They had been working together for over five years and they had both become a little stale. 他們兩個已經在一起共事五年多了,彼此都有一點厭倦。

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