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uk /stænd/ us /stænd/ stood, stood

stand verb (VERTICAL)

A2 [ I or T ] to be in a vertical state or to put into a vertical state, especially (of a person or animal) by making the legs straight

Granny says if she stands for a long time her ankles hurt. 奶奶說她站久了腳踝會痛。
As a sign of politeness you should stand (up) when she comes in. 她進來時你應該站起來以示禮貌
Stand still and be quiet! 站好了,不要出聲!
After the earthquake not a single building was left standing in the village. 地震之後,村子裡所有的房子都倒了。
Stand the bottles on the table over there. 把瓶子放在那邊的桌子上。
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stand verb (STATE)

C1 [ I, L only + adj ] to be in, cause to be in, or get into a particular state or situation

How do you think your chances stand (= are) of being offered the job? 你認爲你得到那份工作的機會有多大?
The national debt stands at 55 billion dollars. 國家債務達550億美元。
The house stood empty for years. 這棟房子空置多年了。
Martina is currently standing second in the world listings. 馬丁納目前世界排名第二。
[ + to infinitive ] Our firm stands to lose (= will lose) a lot of money if the deal is unsuccessful. 如果這筆交易不成的話,我們公司會損失一大筆錢。
We really can't allow the current situation to stand (= to exist in its current form). 我們確實不能允許目前的狀況再繼續下去了。
Newton's laws of mechanics stood (= were thought to be completely true) for over two hundred years. 牛頓力學定律曾經無人撼動達200多年之久。
Leave the mixture to stand (= do not touch it) for 15 minutes before use. 將一小袋麵糊加入兩升水調勻,然後靜置至少15分鐘待用。
It would be difficult for her to stand much lower/higher in my opinion (= for me to have a worse/better opinion of her) after the way she behaved at the party. 她在派對上的表現讓我對她的印象不能再差/再好了。
She's very blunt, but at least you know where you stand with her (= you know what she thinks and how she is likely to behave).
formal You stand accused of murder, how do you plead? 你被控謀殺,你如何申辯?
stand trial

C2 to be put on trial in a law court

Two other men are to stand trial next month for their part in the bombing. 另外兩名男子因涉嫌參與這宗爆炸案將於下個月接受審判。

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stand verb (PLACE)

B2 [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to be in, cause to be in, or put into a particular place

The room was empty except for a wardrobe standing in one corner. 房間裡除了牆角有個衣櫃外,別無他物。
Stand the paintings against the wall while we decide where to hang them. 先把畫靠牆放好,我們來看看掛在哪裡好。
The photograph shows the happy couple standing beside a banana tree. 照片上那對幸福的夫婦站在香蕉樹旁。

[ I usually + adv/prep ] Vehicles that are standing are waiting.

The train now standing at platform 8 is the 15.17 for Cardiff. 現在停靠在八號月臺的是15點17分開往牛津的列車。
no standing US UK no waiting

used on signs to mean vehicles are not allowed to park, even for short periods of time

The sign by the side of the road said "no standing". 路邊的標誌牌上寫著「禁止停車」。

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stand verb (ACCEPT)

B1 [ T usually in negatives ] to successfully accept or bear something that is unpleasant or difficult

I can't stand her voice. 我受不了她的聲音。
Our tent won't stand another storm like the last one. 我們的帳篷承受不起像上次那樣的風暴了。
[ + -ing verb ] I can't stand hearing her cry. 我受不了聽她哭。

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stand verb (POLITICS)

C2 [ I ] UK US also UK run to compete, especially in an election, for an official position

The president has announced she does not intend to stand for re-election. 總統宣佈她無意參加競選尋求連任。
stand a chance

C2 to have a chance of success

She stands a good chance of passing her exam if she works hard. 她努力學習的話,通過考試的希望很大。

stand verb (HEIGHT)

[ L only + noun ] to be a stated height

Even without his shoes he stood over two metres tall. 即便不穿鞋,他身高也超過了兩公尺。

stand verb (BUY)

[ T + two objects ] to buy something, especially a meal or a drink, for someone

I couldn't get to the bank, so could you stand me lunch? 我沒辦法去銀行,你能請我吃午飯嗎?

stand verb (OPINION)

C2 [ I usually + adv/prep ] to have as an opinion

How/Where does he stand on foreign policy issues? 他在外交政策問題上是甚麽立場?


uk /stænd/ us /stænd/

stand noun (SPORT)

[ C ] UK a large structure at a sports ground, usually with a sloping floor and sometimes a roof, where people either stand or sit to watch a sports event

stands [ plural ]

a stand

Fighting broke out in the stands five minutes before the end of the match. 比賽結束前五分鐘看臺上發生了打鬥。

stand noun (OPINION)

[ C ] an opinion, especially one that is public

What's her stand on sexual equality? 她對男女平等持甚麽態度?

stand noun (COURT)

US UK witness box [ C ] the place in which a person stands in a law court when they are being asked questions

The witness took the stand (= went to the place in a court where you stand and answer questions). 目擊者出庭作證。

stand noun (SHOP)

C1 [ C ] a small shop or stall or an area where products can be shown, usually outside or in a large public building, at which people can buy things or get information

a hotdog stand 熱狗攤
Over three thousand companies will have stands at this year's microelectronics exhibition. 今年的微電子産品展覽會上將會有3000多家公司參展。
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stand noun (FRAME)

C2 [ C ] a frame or piece of furniture for supporting or putting things on

a music stand 樂譜架
a hatstand 衣帽架

stand noun (OPPOSITION)

C2 [ C usually singular ] an act of opposition, especially in order to defend someone or something

Environmental groups are making a stand against the new road through the valley. 環保團體正在採取行動,反對修建穿過山谷的新公路。

stand noun (PERFORMANCES)

[ C usually singular ] US a particular number or period of performances

The Orioles will be in town for a three-game stand. 黃鸝隊將來城裡進行三場比賽。

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