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staplenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈsteɪ.pəl/ us /ˈsteɪ.pəl/

staple noun [ C ] (WIRE)

a short, thin piece of wire used to fasten sheets of paper together. It has sharp ends that are pushed through the paper and then bent flat by a special device.


a U-shaped piece of metal with sharp ends that is fixed into a surface to hold something, such as a wire fence, in a particular position

U 形釘(如 U 形電線卡)

staple noun [ C ] (BASIC)

a main product or part of something

Shortages mean that even staples (= basic foods) like bread are difficult to find. 物資短缺意味著連麵包之類的主食都難覓蹤影。
Phosphate has been a staple of this area for many years. 磷酸鹽多年來一直是這一地區的主要産品。
Romantic fiction and reference books are a staple of many public libraries. 言情小說和工具書是很多公共圖書館的主要藏書。

stapleadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈsteɪ.pəl/ us /ˈsteɪ.pəl/

basic or main; standard or regular

The staple diet here is mutton, fish and boiled potatoes. 這裡以羊肉、魚和煮馬鈴薯爲主食。
Prices of staple foods such as wheat and vegetables have also been increasing. 小麥、蔬菜等主要食品的價格也一直在上漲。
Her latest film is the staple offering of action and comedy that we have come to expect. 她的最新影片,如同我們所預料的一樣,又是一貫的動作加喜劇。

stapleverb [ T ]

uk /ˈsteɪ.pəl/ us /ˈsteɪ.pəl/

to fasten something using staples

Would you mind stapling the reports together? 你能把報告用訂書機訂好嗎?

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