Translation of "stark" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adjective uk us /stɑːk/ US  /stɑːrk/

empty, simple or obvious, especially without decoration or anything which is not necessary; severe or extreme

It was a stark room with its white walls, and a bed and chair as the only furniture. 這個房間很簡陋,家徒四壁,僅有的傢俱就是一張床和一把椅子。
The stark reality is that we are operating at a huge loss. 嚴酷的事實是我們的經營虧損非常嚴重。
In the suburbs the spacious houses stand in stark contrast to the slums of the city's poor. 郊區寬敞的大房子和城裡的貧民窟形成了鮮明的對比。
starkness uk us /ˈstɑːk.nəs/ US  /ˈstɑːrk-/ noun [ U ]

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