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stealverb [ I or T ]

uk /stiːl/ us /stiːl/ stole, stolen

steal verb [ I or T ] (TAKE)

A2 to take something without the permission or knowledge of the owner and keep it

She admitted stealing the money from her employers. 她承認偷了僱主的錢。
The number of cars which are stolen every year has risen. 每年失竊車輛的數量都在上升。
They were so poor they had to steal in order to eat. 他們非常窮,為了填飽肚子只得去行竊。

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steal verb [ I or T ] (DO QUICKLY)

to do something quickly or without being noticed

She stole a glance at her watch. 她偷偷瞄了一眼自己的手錶。
He stole out of the room while no one was looking. 他趁沒人注意,偷偷溜出房間。

stealnoun [ S ]

uk /stiːl/ us /stiːl/ mainly US informal

a product that has a very low price, or a price that is much lower than the original cost

I picked up a new iron in the sale - it was a steal. 我在大減價時買了個新熨斗——非常便宜。

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