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steamnoun [ U ]

uk /stiːm/ us /stiːm/

B2 the hot gas that is produced when water boils

Steam rose from the simmering stew. 火上的燉肉咕嘟咕嘟冒著熱氣。
steam turbines 蒸汽渦輪機
a steam engine/locomotive 蒸汽機/火車頭
the age of steam (= the period when steam provided power for railways and factories) 蒸汽時代
The pump is driven by steam. 這個泵是由蒸汽驅動的。

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uk /stiːm/ us /stiːm/

[ I ] to move by steam power

The train/ship steamed out of the station/harbour. 火車/汽船噴著蒸汽駛出了車站/港口。

[ T ] to cook food using steam

steamed vegetables 蒸蔬菜

[ T usually + adv/prep ] to use steam to make something softer, especially glue so that something can be removed

Ross steamed open the envelope to see if it was a love letter. 羅斯用蒸汽軟化膠水打開信封,想看看是不是情書。

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