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stepverb [ I + adv/prep ]

uk /step/ us /step/ -pp-

B1 to move by lifting your foot and putting it down in a different place, or to put your foot on or in something

She stepped backwards and fell over a chair. 她向後退,撞到並摔倒在椅子上。
They stepped out onto the balcony. 他們走出房間,來到陽臺上。
Be careful not to step in the mud. 小心,別踩進泥裡。
Ow, you stepped on my foot! 噢,你踩到我的腳!
mainly US Sorry but Mr Taylor has just stepped (= gone) out for a few minutes, but I'll tell him you called. 很抱歉,泰勒先生剛剛出去幾分鐘,我會告訴他你來過電話。
formal Step this way please, sir. 這邊請,先生。

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uk /step/ us /step/

step noun (STAGE)

B2 [ C ] a stage in a process

What's the next step in the process? 這個企劃的下一步是甚麼?
We must stay one step ahead of our competitors. 我們必須領先我們的競爭對手一步。
Most people believe that the decision to cut interest rates was a step in the right direction. 大多數人相信降低利率是朝正確方向邁出的一步。
Let's take things a step/one step at a time (= slowly). 我們一步一步來。
Following the success of our products in Europe, our logical next step is to move into the American market. 隨著我們的產品在歐洲獲得成功,打入美國市場便順理成章地成為我們的下一步。

B2 [ C ] an action in a series of actions taken for a particular purpose

The country is taking its first tentative steps towards democracy. 這個國家正朝著民主邁出嘗試性的第一步。
We need to take drastic steps to reduce pollution. 我們需要採取嚴厲措施以減少污染。
The president took the unusual step of altering his prepared speech in order to condemn the terrorist attack. 總統為了譴責恐怖攻擊,採取了極不尋常的做法,臨時更改了事先準備好的講稿。
step by step

C1 dealing with one thing and then another thing in a fixed order

step-by-step instructions 逐步講解的使用說明
Don't worry - I'll go through the procedure with you step by step. 別擔心——我會和你一起一步一步地把整套程式說一遍。

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step noun (STAIR)

B1 [ C ] one of the surfaces that you walk on when you go up or down stairs

a flight of steps 一段台階
We had to climb some steps to reach the front door. 我們得爬上幾級台階才能到大門前。
I asked them to leave the parcel on the (front) step (= outside the door to the house). 我叫他們把包裹放在門口。
Mind the step as you leave the train. 下火車時請小心腳下。
It's difficult for people in wheelchairs to negotiate (= move up and down) steps. 坐輪椅的人上下樓梯很困難。
One of the steps on the ladder is broken. 梯子上有一階壞了。
steps [ plural ] UK

another word for stepladder

stepladder 的另一種說法
kitchen steps 廚房用梯凳
library steps 圖書館用折疊梯

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step noun (FOOT MOVEMENT)

B1 [ C ] the act of lifting one foot and putting it down on a different part of the ground, such as when you walk or run

Sophie took her first steps when she was eleven months old. 蘇菲11個月大時邁出了第一步。
He rose to his feet and took a couple of steps towards her. 他站起身來,朝她的方向走了幾步。
With every step, her feet hurt her more and more. 每走一步,她的雙腳就痛得更厲害。
I retraced my steps, looking for my lost keys. 我原路折返,尋找丟失的鎖匙。
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[ C ] the distance you cover when you take a step

I'd only gone a few steps when I realized I'd forgotten to lock the door. 我剛向前走了幾步就意識到我忘記鎖門。

[ U ] the way you move your feet when you are walking or running, which can sometimes show how you are feeling

She walked out of the office with a spring in her step (= in a way that showed she was happy). 她邁著輕快的步伐走出辦公室。
The driver told us to mind/watch our step (= walk carefully) as we got off the bus. 我們下公車時,司機提醒我們當心腳。

[ C ] a particular movement that you make with your feet when you dance

She's teaching me some basic dance steps. 她在教我一些基本舞步。
in step

When people walk in step, they lift their feet off the ground and put them down again at the same time.

The soldiers marched in step. 士兵齊步前進。

used to say that opinions, ideas, or ways of living that are the same as those of other people

Television companies need to keep in step with public opinion. 電視公司需要順應民意。
out of step

When someone is out of step, they do not lift the same foot and put it down again at the same time as other people.

I'm no good at dancing - I always get completely out of step. 我不擅長跳舞——總是踩不到點上。

used to say that opinions, ideas, or ways of living that are different from those of other people

The Republicans are out of step with the country, Williams said. 威廉斯說,共和黨員和國家的立場有所扞格。
He thinks that everyone is out of step except him. 他認為只有他是對的,其他所有人都是錯的。

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step noun (MUSIC)

[ C ] the difference in pitch between two notes that are next to each other in the western musical scale



uk /step-/ us /step-/

related to someone through a second marriage

stepfather 繼父
stepmother 繼母
stepchildren 繼子女

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  • I have a step-son who is 12.
  • My step-daughter recently came to live with us.

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