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uk /ˈstɪk.i/ us /ˈstɪk.i/

sticky adjective (NOT DRY/SMOOTH)

B1 made of or covered with a substance that stays attached to any surface it touches

a sticky mess 黏膠帶
sticky fingers 黏乎乎的手指
The floor's still sticky where I spilled the juice. 我把果汁灑到地上,現在那裡還黏乎乎的。
The children's faces were sticky with chocolate. 孩子們的臉上沾滿了巧克力,黏乎乎的。

If the weather is sticky, it is very hot and the air feels wet.


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sticky adjective (DIFFICULT)

informal difficult

There were a few sticky moments during the meeting, but everything turned out all right in the end. 會議過程中有幾處困難,但最後總算是一切順利。

sticky adjective (NOT WILLING)

UK informal unwilling to agree

Their bank manager was sticky about lending them the money they wanted to borrow. 他們的銀行經理不願意借給他們那筆錢。

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