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uk /stɪŋ/ us /stɪŋ/ stung, stung

sting verb (HURT)

[ I or T ] If an insect, plant, or animal stings, it produces a small but painful injury, usually with a poison, by brushing against the skin or making a very small hole in the skin.

Do all types of bee sting? 所有種類的蜜蜂都蜇人嗎?
I got stung by a wasp yesterday. 我昨天被黃蜂蜇了。
I didn't see the nettles until I was stung by them. 我被蕁麻刺到後才看到它們。

[ I or T ] to cause sharp but usually temporary pain

The soap/smoke/sweat stung my eyes. 肥皂/煙霧/汗水刺痛了我的雙眼。
This type of disinfectant doesn't sting, even if you put it on a fresh cut. 這種消毒藥水即使塗在新傷口上也不會有灼痛感。

[ I or T ] If someone's unkind remarks sting, they make you feel upset and annoyed.

She knew he was right, but his words still stung. 她知道他是對的,但他的話仍舊傷害了她。
He was stung by her criticisms. 他被她的批評指責刺傷了。
She managed to give a stinging reply (= an angry answer intended to upset), before slamming down the phone. 她甩出一句尖刻的回答,然後啪的一聲掛斷電話。

sting verb (CHARGE)

[ T ] informal to charge someone a surprisingly large amount of money for something

The bank stung me for £50 in charges when I got overdrawn. 銀行在我透支時敲詐了我50英鎊。


uk /stɪŋ/ us /stɪŋ/

sting noun (HURT)

[ C or S ] a sudden burning pain in your eyes, on your skin, etc., or the ability to cause such pain

She had several bee stings. 她被蜜蜂蜇了幾下。
the sting of salt in a wound 傷口上撒鹽引起的灼痛
Some types of jellyfish have a powerful sting. 某些種類的水母蜇人很痛。

[ S ] the feeling of being upset by something

the sting of defeat 失敗的痛苦

[ C ] UK US stinger a pointed part of an insect, plant, or animal that goes through a person's or animal's skin and leaves behind poison


sting noun (GETTING STH)

[ C ] US a carefully planned and complicated plan which deceives people so that criminals can steal something

A bank employee was involved in the sting in which $5 million was stolen. 一名銀行僱員捲入一宗精心策劃的盜竊案,涉案金額達500萬美元。

[ C ] mainly US a police action to catch criminals in which the police pretend to be criminals

a sting operation 臥底行動

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