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storenoun [ C ]

uk /stɔːr/ us /stɔːr/

store noun [ C ] (SHOP)

B1 UK a large shop where you can buy many different types of goods

a department store 百貨商場
a DIY/furniture store DIY 傢俱商場

A1 US any type of shop

a clothing/liquor store 服裝店/小酒鋪
also UK a department store
also UK a furniture store
a convenience store 便利店

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store noun [ C ] (STH KEPT)

an amount of something that is being kept for future use

He has an impressively large store of wine in his cellar. 他的酒窖裡儲存了數量驚人的葡萄酒。
Food stores are reported to be running dangerously low in the capital. 據報道,首都的食品儲量很少,形勢危急。
figurative My grandmothers store of memories was shared over the dinner table. 今天晚上我恐怕是有點黔驢技窮,風趣不起來。

a building in which things are kept until they are needed

a grain/weapons store 糧倉/軍火庫

storeverb [ T usually + adv/prep ]

uk /stɔːr/ us /stɔːr/

B2 to put or keep things in a special place for use in the future

The data is stored on a hard disk and backed up on a CD. 資料儲存在一個硬碟上,並用軟碟做了備份。
I stored my possessions in my mother's house while I was living in Spain. 我在西班牙居住期間,把我的東西放在我母親那裡。
I've stored my thick sweaters and jackets (away) until next winter. 我把厚毛衣和外套收了起來,等到來年冬天再穿。
Squirrels store (up) nuts for the winter. 松鼠為過冬儲藏堅果。

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