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streamnoun [ C ]

uk /striːm/ us /striːm/

stream noun [ C ] (SMALL RIVER)

B1 water that flows naturally along a fixed route formed by a channel cut into rock or ground, usually at ground level

a mountain stream 山澗
underground streams 地下溪流
There's a bubbling stream that flows through their property. 有一條美麗的小溪流過他們的花園。

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stream noun [ C ] (CONTINUOUS FLOW)

any current of water or liquid

the level of cholesterol in your blood stream 血液中的膽固醇標準

the direction in which water is moving

She stopped rowing and let the boat float with the stream. 她不再劃,任由小船順流漂蕩。

B2 a continuous flow of things or people

There has been a steady stream of phone calls from worried customers. 不斷有憂心忡忡的顧客打電話來。
I had a constant stream of visitors while I was ill. 我生病時一直有人來看我。

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stream noun [ C ] (STUDENTS)

UK US track a group of school students with similar ability who are approximately the same age and are taught together

I'm in the A stream for maths, and the B stream for English. 我數學在 A 組,英語在 B 組。
the top/bottom stream 程度高/低的班



uk /striːm/ us /striːm/

stream verb (FLOW)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to flow somewhere or produce liquid, quickly and in large amounts without stopping

There were tears streaming down his face. 淚水順著他的臉滑落。
One woman was carried from the scene of the accident with blood streaming from her head. 一名頭部流血的婦女被抬離事故現場。
UK I've got a terrible cold and my nose has been streaming all week. 我得了重感冒,整個星期都在流鼻涕。
stream in, out, through, etc.

to move continuously in one direction

We were all very excited as we streamed out of our final exam. 期末考試結束後,我們湧出考場時,都非常興奮。
Officials estimate that 20,000 refugees streamed into the city last week. 紅十字會的官員估計上周有兩萬名難民湧入該城。
His hair streamed out behind him as he rode off. 他騎車離開,頭髮在腦後飄揚。

stream verb (INTERNET)

[ T ] to listen to or watch sound or video on a computer directly from the internet rather than downloading it and saving it first


stream verb (STUDENTS)

[ T ] UK US track to group and teach together school students with similar abilities who are approximately the same age

We start to stream the children in the third form. 我們從三年級開始把孩子們按能力分班。

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