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studionoun [ C ]

uk /ˈstjuː.di.əʊ/ us /ˈstuː.di.oʊ/ plural studios

studio noun [ C ] (RECORDING ROOM)

B1 a room with special equipment where television or radio programmes or music recordings are made

She spent three months in the studio working on her latest album. 她在錄音室裡花了3個月錄製自己的最新專輯。
a studio audience (= people who watch a programme while it is being made in the studio) 攝影棚現場的觀眾

B1 a building or place where films are made, or a company that makes them

Ealing Studios made some famous British comedies in the 40s and 50s. 20世紀40至50年代伊靈製片廠出品了一些非常有名的英國喜劇片。

a room or building where dancing is taught or practised

a dance studio 舞蹈練習室

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studio noun [ C ] (ARTIST'S ROOM)

B2 a room in which an artist works, especially a painter or photographer


a company making artistic or photographic products

The firm grew to be one of Europe's foremost graphics studios. 這家公司逐漸發展為歐洲最重要的圖形製作工作室。

studio noun [ C ] (HOME)

also studio apartment, UK also studio flat a small apartment designed to be lived in by one or two people, usually with one large room for sleeping and living in, a bathroom and sometimes a separate kitchen


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