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subjectnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈsʌb.dʒekt/ us /ˈsʌb.dʒekt/

subject noun [ C ] (AREA OF DISCUSSION)

B1 the thing that is being discussed, considered, or studied

Our subject for discussion is homelessness. 我們討論的話題是無家可歸問題。
She has made a series of documentaries on the subject of family relationships. 她拍攝了一系列以家庭關係為題材的紀錄片。
The guest lecturer took as her subject (= decided to speak about) "punishment and imprisonment in modern society". 特別講師演講的題目是「現代社會的刑罰與監禁」。
The number of planes flying over the town has been the subject of (= has caused) concern since last summer. 自去年夏天開始,從小鎮上空飛過的飛機數量一直讓人們忐忑不安。

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subject noun [ C ] (AREA OF STUDY)

A1 an area of knowledge that is studied in school, college, or university

My favourite subjects at school were history and English. 唸書時,我最喜歡的科目是歷史和地理。
mainly UK Her subject (= special area of study) is low-temperature physics. 她的專業是低溫物理學。
change the subject

B2 to start talking about a different subject

I'd tried to explain the situation, but he just changed the subject. 我想把情況解釋清楚,他卻岔開話題。

subject noun [ C ] (GRAMMAR)

B1 specialized language the person or thing that performs the action of a verb, or is joined to a description by a verb

"Bob" is the subject of the sentence "Bob threw the ball." Bob 是句子 Bob threw the ball 的主語。

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subject noun [ C ] (PERSON)

a person who lives in or who has the right to live in a particular country, especially a country with a king or queen

He is a British subject. 他是英國國民。

subjectverb [ T ]

uk /səbˈdʒekt/ us /səbˈdʒekt/

to defeat people or a country and then control them against their wishes and limit their freedom

The invaders quickly subjected the local tribes. 入侵者很快就征服了當地的部落。

Phrasal verb(s)


uk /ˈsʌb.dʒekt/ us /ˈsʌb.dʒekt/

subject adjective (HAVING)

be subject to sth

C1 to have or experience a particular thing, especially something unpleasant

Cars are subject to a high domestic tax. 買汽車要繳很高的國內稅。
In recent years, she has been subject to attacks of depression. 近年來,她一直飽受憂鬱症的折磨。

subject adjective (DEPEND)

subject to sth

C2 only able to happen if something else happens

We plan to go on Wednesday, subject to your approval. 如果你同意,我們打算週三走。
Moving all the books should not take long, subject to there being (= if there are) enough helpers. 如果有足夠人手,把所有書都搬走花不了多少時間。

subject adjective (GOVERN)

[ before noun ] under the political control of another country or state

subject peoples/states 被征服的民族/國家

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