Translation of "supply" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] uk us /səˈplaɪ/

to provide something that is wanted or needed, often in large quantities and over a long period of time

Electrical power is supplied by underground cables. 電力是由地下電纜輸送的。
Three people have been arrested for supplying arms to the terrorists. 有三個人因為向恐怖分子提供武器而被捕。
The company has supplied the royal family (= provided them with something they need) for years. 該公司多年來一直為皇室供貨。
At the beginning of term, students are supplied with a list of books that they are expected to read. 在學期初,學生們拿到一份閱讀書目清單。

(Translation of “supply verb” from the Cambridge English-Chinese (Traditional) Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)