Translation of "supportive" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adjective uk us /səˈpɔː.tɪv/ US  /-ˈpɔːr.t̬ɪv/

showing agreement and giving encouragement

Doubts about the government's policies are being expressed even by people who have been supportive of the government in the past. 連過去一直擁護政府的人也對其政策表示質疑。

approving giving help and encouragement

Children with supportive parents often do better at school than those without. 常受到父母鼓勵的孩子在學校的表現往往比那些得不到父母鼓勵的孩子要好。
supportively uk us /səˈpɔː.tɪ US  /-pɔːr.t̬ɪv-/ adverb
supportiveness uk us /səˈpɔː.tɪv.nəs/ US  /-ˈpɔːr.t̬ɪv-/ noun [ U ]

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