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uk /ˈsɜː.fɪs/ us /ˈsɝː-/

surface noun (TOP)

B2 [ C ] the outer or top part or layer of something

Tropical rain forests used to cover ten percent of the earth's surface. 以前,地球表面的10%都被熱帶雨林所覆蓋。
The marble has a smooth, shiny surface. 大理石表面光滑亮澤。
Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on the surface of the moon. 尼爾‧阿姆斯壯是第一個登上月球的人。

[ C ] the top layer of a field or track on which sports are played

The match will be played on an artificial/all-weather surface. 這場比賽將會在人工/全天候場地上進行。

[ C ] the flat top part of a table, cupboard, etc.

a work surface 工作檯面
Don't put anything wet on a polished surface, or it will leave a mark. 別把任何濕東西放在拋光的檯面上,不然會留下印痕。

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surface noun (APPEARANCE)

B2 [ S ] The surface of a situation or person is what they appear to be, or the features they have that are not hidden or difficult to see.

On the surface, this seems like a difficult problem, but in fact there's an easy solution to it. 表面上來看,這是一個難題,但事實上它很容易解決。
Beneath/Below/Under the surface of contemporary West Indian life lurk memories of slavery. 在西印度現代生活的背後,有關奴隸制度的記憶依然揮之不去。
Suddenly, all her anger came/rose to the surface (= became obvious). 她所有的憤怒一下子都爆發出來。


uk /ˈsɜː.fɪs/ us /ˈsɝː-/

surface verb (TOP)

[ I ] to rise to the surface of water

The submarine surfaced a few miles off the coast. 潛艇在離海岸幾英哩的地方浮出水面。

[ T ] to cover a road or other area with a hard surface


surface verb (KNOWN)

[ I ] If a feeling or information surfaces, it becomes known.

Doubts are beginning to surface about whether the right decision has been made. 人們開始對這個決定是否正確表示質疑。
A rumour has surfaced that the company is about to go out of business. 有傳言說這家公司要停業。

surface verb (OUT OF BED)

[ I ] informal to get out of bed

He never surfaces until at least 11.00 a.m. on a Sunday. 他星期天至少要睡到上午11點才起床。


uk /ˈsɜː.fɪs/ us /ˈsɝː-/

surface adjective (TOP)

working or operating on the top of the land or sea, rather than under the land or sea, or by air


surface adjective (APPEARANCE)

[ before noun ] appearing in a particular way but not always showing the truth

his surface appearance of calm confidence 他表面上的冷靜自信

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