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surroundverb [ T ]

uk /səˈraʊnd/ us /səˈraʊnd/

B1 to be everywhere around something

Snow-capped mountains surround the city. 白頭積雪的群山環繞著這座城市。
Gwen sat at her desk, surrounded by books and papers. 格溫坐在桌前,周圍堆滿了書和報紙。
Mystery still surrounds the exact circumstances of Stalin's death. 史達林去世的確切情況仍是迷霧重重。
She said that she wanted to die surrounded by the people she loves (= with them all present). 她說她希望在她死的時候,她所愛的人會陪伴在自己身邊。
Early this morning, armed police surrounded (= moved into a position so that they were everywhere around) a house which they thought contained an escaped prisoner. 今天一大早,武裝員警就包圍了他們認為藏有一名逃犯的房子。

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uk /səˈraʊnd/ us /səˈraʊnd/

[ C ] the area or border around something

Our bathtub has a tiled surround. 我們的浴缸周圍鋪了瓷磚。
surrounds [ plural ] US

the area that is near and around a place

The house is set in lush surrounds and has views of the ocean. 我覺得這附近不會有甚麼影音專賣店。

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