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sweepingadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈswiː.pɪŋ/ us /ˈswiː.pɪŋ/

sweeping adjective [ before noun ] (GENERAL)

affecting many things or people; large

It is obvious that sweeping changes are needed in the legal system. 顯然,法制體系需要進行大刀闊斧的改革。
We need to make sweeping cuts to our budget. 我們必須大幅削減預算。
sweeping statement/generalization disapproving

something that you say or write that is too general and that has not been carefully thought about

Sweeping generalizations about this complex and difficult situation are not helpful. 對這種複雜困難的情形作泛泛之談是沒有用的。

sweeping adjective [ before noun ] (WIN)

A sweeping win or victory is an easy or complete win.

The candidate failed to win the sweeping victory he expected. 這個黨派沒能如願以償地大獲全勝。

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