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take sth up

phrasal verb with take uk /teɪk/ us /teɪk/ verb took, taken


B2 to fill an amount of space or time

This desk takes up too much room. 這張桌子太佔地方。
Too much of this report is taken up with out-of-date numbers. 這份報告裡盡是過期的資料。

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B1 to start doing a particular job or activity

He's taken up the position of supervisor. 他剛剛擔任監督員一職。
[ + -ing verb ] Have you ever thought of taking up acting? 你想過去當演員嗎?
Patti took up (= continued) the story where Sue had left off. 伊恩接著講休沒有講完的故事。
take up office

UK US take office to start an official job

The minister took up office in December. 部長是在十二月上任的。

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to discuss something or deal with something

The school took the matter up with the police. 學校和警方一起處理此事。
UK I'd like to take you up on your sales figures for June. 我想和你談談你六月份的銷售額。
UK A leading law firm took up his case. 一家頂尖的律師事務所接手了他的案子。


to make a piece of clothing, such as a skirt or trousers, shorter


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