Translation of "television" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ C or U ] uk us /ˈtel.ɪ.vɪʒ.ən/ /ˌ--ˈ--/ US  /-ə-/ (also TV, UK informal telly)

a device shaped like a box with a screen which receives electrical signals and changes them into moving images and sound, or the method or business of sending images and sound by electrical signals

a colour/black-and-white television 彩色/黑白電視機
Could you turn the television down? 你把電視聲音調小點好嗎?
It's one of the few television programmes that I always make a point of watching. 這是我一直堅持看的少數幾個電視節目之一。
Is there anything interesting on television tonight? 今晚有甚麼好看的電視節目嗎?
Clare has worked in television since she left college. 克萊爾大學畢業後一直在電視業界工作。
Your problem is that you watch too much television. 你的問題在於電視看得太多。

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