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testnoun [ C ]

uk /test/ us /test/

A1 a way of discovering, by questions or practical activities, what someone knows, or what someone or something can do or is like

The class are doing/having a spelling test today. 今天班裡有一個拼寫測驗。
She had to take/do an aptitude test before she got the job. 她先接受了能力測試後才得到這份工作。

B1 a medical examination of part of your body in order to find out how healthy it is or what is happening with it

a blood/urine test 驗血/尿檢
an eye test 視力檢查
a pregnancy test 妊娠檢查
The doctors have done some tests to try and find out what's wrong with her. 醫生做了一些檢查,想查出她的問題出在哪裡。

an act of using something to find out if it is working correctly or how effective it is

The new missiles are currently undergoing tests. 新導彈目前正在進行試驗。

B2 a situation that shows how good something is

Driving on that icy road was a real test of my skill. 在那條結了冰的路上駕車是對我駕駛技術的一次真正考驗。

a test match

Australia won the test by 197 runs. 澳大利亞以197分贏得了這次錦標賽。

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testverb [ T ]

uk /test/ us /test/

B2 to do something in order to discover if something is safe, works correctly, etc., or if something is present

The manufacturers are currently testing the new engine. 生產廠家目前正試驗這種新的引擎。
They tested her blood for signs of the infection. 他們驗了她的血,看看是否有感染的跡象。

B1 to give someone a set of questions, in order to measure their knowledge or ability

Will you test me on the chemistry I've been learning? 你要考那些我一直在學的化學方程式嗎?

B2 If a situation tests someone, it proves how good, strong, etc. they are.

That lecture really tested my powers of endurance, it was so boring. 那個講座簡直是在考驗我的忍耐力,實在太枯燥了。

to do a medical examination of part of someone's body or of a particular physical ability


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